Formed in 2018, Duo Hika are a voice and acoustic guitar duo. 

Originally from Northern Europe, but now based in the warmer southern climes of Toulouse, the duo comprises of Karolina Pop (voice/songwriter) and Sam Smith (acoustic guitar).. The two of them have a wealth of musical experience, having individually appeared at major festivals across Europe, as well as performing on numerous albums with critically acclaimed bands and award winning artists.

Karolina has been capturing the hearts of audiences across Europe with her soulful, jazz-fueled voice and unique songwriting skills. Sam is a multi-instrumentalist and sound engineer/producer. He has decades of performing experience and has played and recorded with many successful music acts.

Some of the songs they bring are original.. Others are the duo's interpretations of classics from around the world, sung in a variety of languages.. English, French, Spanish, Polish and Ukrainian.


Home of the music of Sam Smith - Multi-Instrumentalist, Composer, Arranger, Producer..

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